First L!vE K@ding session!

posted by on 2014.01.13, under Supercollider

As promised, here’s my first live coding screencast! The video unfortunately turned out to be not very good: ffmpeg on Linux failed me miserably. I thought it was worth sharing anyways, so, here it is. 😉
Some comments: I have used some SynthDefs that I have already prepared and some samples that I have loaded beforehand. This is achieved by the tabs “initialize” and “synths” that you see in the video. This is not a “blank page” approach to live coding, but it’s what I have realized works for me, since I am more interested in improvising patterns than the actual sound synthesis (which I also did in this session, by the way). In particular, one of the SynthDefs which I am really liking is \looper, a custom made looper which allows me to capture audio from other synths and control its parameters to get nice glitchy patterns. I’m really liking it. :) On the other end, \pad_fm is a very simple pad with fm modulation. Of course, if anybody is interested in these SynthDefs I will certainly share.
Oh, also almost everything happens in ProxySpace.
Enjoy 😉



I really like your code, would you like to share it?
Maybe on sccode?


Marcello ( 13/09/2014 at 1:14 pm )

Not bad at all;

@_HasBeen_ ( 08/12/2014 at 10:02 pm )

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