New Year Resolutions

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Here’s that time of the year when you make those resolutions you’ll never gonna keep. I’ll make mine and I’ll try to stick to it, hopefully. Well, what is it? Very simple: I want to practice more and more regularly live coding in SuperCollider AND record audio sessions, and post them here in a section called “L!vE K@ding”. I’m not sure I will be posting codes about it, though, ’cause when I live code I get very messy. But I’ll be happy to discuss techniques, etc., what I do, and don’t. Let me add I’m not an expert at all, and there’s some great people out there doing excellent things. But you know what? If you never start, you’ll never learn. The session is not perfect? Who cares, that’s how “live” is. 😉
So, watch this space, if you are interested.
Meanwhile, Happy New Coding Year!


Cool, looking forward to hear what you’ll bring!

Are you also going to record the screen?

Nyul ( 06/01/2014 at 9:17 pm )

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