openFrameworks: a primer

posted by on 2014.09.02, under openFrameworks

Since a couple of weeks I have been looking at openFrameworks, an amazing C++ toolkit, which is used to do amazing things. Until now, I have only showed code in Processing (basically Java), and SuperCollider: C++ is a beast in its own, though, and in future posts I will try to talk about pointers, memory allocation, the way classes are defined, etc. For now, I’ll just briefly explain the main idea around this simple project. Basically, the webcam is taking frames, converting them into textures, which are then mapped on meshes, which are then deformed, etc. to get very interesting shapes, colors, etc. You are not seeing any change in the frame grabbed simply because I am not in the video, and the camera is fixed :).
Here it is what you get

You can download the source code here. (You will need to put the texture .png file in a bin/data/texture folder).
In the following posts I will try to talk about more basic examples using the techniques in the project above.