Dust From A G String

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Here’s “Dust From A G String”, a piece about the corrosive power of passing time, and the beauty it leaves behind, just before the end.

The video was made in Processing, using a custom shader based on FBO techniques. The audio is a reworking of Bach’s “Air on the G String”.

Where have I been?

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This blog has been dormient for over a year, now. Probably nobody asked this, and nobody cares, but: where have I been? Due to a major computer failure, the effect of which was a loss of months of work, for a long time I have substantially reduced my coding activity. I guess I also needed time to see things from a distance.
I didn’t stop creative activities, though: I used the time in between to work on music, which had been buried under many lines of codes during the recent years.
If you are interested, you can check some outcomes here

and here

I plan to come back to coding soon, maybe I’ll talk about a couple of ideas I have which involve poetry generation for an art installation.

On the poetics of artistic suicide

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I have not updated this blog in several months now: various reasons, some more personal than others, have taken a role in this. I felt though the strong need to write again here.
No, I won’t show any code this time. Simply because there is no algorithm for the kind of artistic pieces I want to point your attention to.
Rather, I want to talk about what I consider one of the greatest performance acts of recent years. Italian street artist Blu has recently erased all the murals he had created in his very own city of Bologna during the last twenty years. The manifesto and the words explaining the reasons behind this decision have been left to Wu Ming, a collective of writers active since the mid ’90s.
You can read everything here. (There is an english translation as well.)
In an impressive act of artistic suicide, at the same time creative and destructive, aesthetic and poetic, Blu has reminded us that art has still the power to challenge and raise questions concerning urbanism, commonalities, public spaces, recuperation, power.
By subtracting those walls to a since too long ongoing process of cultural and economic reappropriation by a repressive establishment, he has left big “grayboards” for all to take part in the everyday struggle for freedom. The brush is in our hands, and it’s leaking.
These phenomena of reappropriation are not particular to street art.
“Coding”, the topic of this blog, is nowadays a buzzword everyone wants to pronounce. A piece of cake shot with low depth of field and Instagram filter everyone wants to taste. The latest golden egg chicken, or whatever. With various blogs and online magazines feeding you the latest technological wonders and the new emergent trends in this or that artistic field, where has the sense of exploration gone? How can we bring it back, and make it challenging once again, freeing it from the multiple petty boxes the corporate machine wants us to frame it?
Can we bring digital art “in the streets”, or will it always be confined to our smart and self-reassuring conventions and gatherings?

After a few hours from its repainting, the following writings have appeared on one of the gray walls left

La felicità che mi era sempre stata negata.
Avevo il diritto di viverla quella felicità.
Non me l’avete concesso.
Allora peggio per me, peggio per voi, peggio per tutti.
Rimpianti si, ma in ogni caso nessun rimorso.”

For a little while, we had a glimpse of a Blu sky.

New Year Resolutions

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Here’s that time of the year when you make those resolutions you’ll never gonna keep. I’ll make mine and I’ll try to stick to it, hopefully. Well, what is it? Very simple: I want to practice more and more regularly live coding in SuperCollider AND record audio sessions, and post them here in a section called “L!vE K@ding”. I’m not sure I will be posting codes about it, though, ’cause when I live code I get very messy. But I’ll be happy to discuss techniques, etc., what I do, and don’t. Let me add I’m not an expert at all, and there’s some great people out there doing excellent things. But you know what? If you never start, you’ll never learn. The session is not perfect? Who cares, that’s how “live” is. 😉
So, watch this space, if you are interested.
Meanwhile, Happy New Coding Year!